Another New Card

I wrote a new card today for our Milk Baby program.  It is a 3×5 lined index card with the mother’s name and her village, except this card does not have the mother’s name at the top.  Right after having this baby girl, she continued to bleed until she died.  So, I wrote the adoptive parent’s name at the top.  This all happened just 4 days ago.  Hard to imagine that somewhere near here a lady gave birth in the jungle, and then died within hours.

Through our prenatal clinic, we offer to deliver babies here at our place.  Some of the mothers do come, and we are able to help.  Yet most of our mothers still do things “the old way;”  they go out into the bush and deliver their own babies.

Another example was a baby who also came to clinic today. She was only 3 days old, and had a huge scratch across her face and nose from where she went head first into some brush and landed on the ground while being born. Change is such a difficult thing for anyone.  We too often prefer “the old way,” the way we were raised.  Even when presented with a better way, we are often suspicious.

Often I pray for our Kamea ladies, asking God to help them because their lives are so hard.  I ask Him to help me speak to them in their own language, to touch their hearts.  I pray they will learn to trust me so that I might help them in their suffering.  Mostly, I pray that God would let them trust me so I can lead them to the One Who loves them perfectly and even gave His Son for their souls.  I wish the mother of this new little girl had not died. I wish she had come to know Him, Who is life eternal.  IMG_2060

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