April 2014

This is a big year for our TTMK team! Since our last letter, our co-worker Sarah Glover has returned, and has already started two literacy classes with over 50 students! Also, we have nurse Rachel Wass serving with us for the next year at Kunai Health Centre, and she is doing a great job, too. Then Josh & RebeccaFlorence (and daughters Abigail & Ruth) have joined us out here in Kotidanga for their orientation to the field of PNG. They are learning a lot, and learning fast! Of course, most of you know that Matt & Becky (and Ariel & Hannah) have transitioned to their new ministry in the capitol, Port Moresby. All this has happened in just a couple of months!

The clinic is busy as usual. Our nurses are on call day and night, and none of us knows what a day will bring. One case is Jeff, the son of one of our church families. Jeff has suffered from spinal meningitis and was getting worse. Recently the nurses tried a new course of treatment, and Jeff seems to be improving. He is out playing with the kids on our property now; he’s a little wobbly, but it’s a big improvement.

We do ask that you pray for Jeff, and for all the patients that our nurses serve. We want all of the patients to come to know Christ, and we want them all to recover from their illnesses and injuries. (Read some of the clinic stories on our blog site below.)

Our container has arrived, and almost 2/3 of the medical supplies have now been flown in. Thank you again to everyone who had a part in giving toward this great need!

My co-worker Ben Samauyo and I are now in our fourth month of Bible translation in Kamea. Ben’s exegesis skills are growing and my Kamea language skills are improving; but God gets the glory for our progress! We have completed a first draft of the Life of Christ, mainly from Luke’s Gospel.

We are now doing back translation checks and village checks on what has been done. So far it has been readable and understandable! Our next step will be to record this in a video format to show our people in their own language. Do pray with us for this endeavor, as we are in awe of handling God’s word to make it understandable for a people.

God bless you as you also strive to know Him and to make Him known!

Sunset over Fairfax Harbor, Port Moresby, PNG

Serving Him in the Field,
John & Selina Allen
Galatians 6:9

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