Christmas in Kotidanga 2015

Here are some of the blessings that happened around Christmas here in the village:

IMG_4115Benjamin Luke got his iPad repaired and more Christian movies installed. He is our “hut-bound” evangelist in Mewari village, gladly sharing the Kamea “Jesus Film” with those who visit him. Special thanks to a special friend in the USA who provided this blessing for Ben!

IMG_9891Ilava wanted to share the fish she caught with Bubu Lena.

IMG_9932God spared Patricia’s life after giving birth to a new baby girl. A retained placenta and post-partum bleeding nearly took her from us and her dear family. She is the wife of our church’s song leader (and one of my translation helpers), Yali Peter.

IMG_0108Here is Patricia and her baby girl less than two weeks after she almost lost her life. Praise the Lord for His goodness!

IMG_4154Yali leads the music for our two-day Christmas meeting.

IMG_9845The missionary ladies hosted a Ladies’ Christmas tea for the ladies of Kotidanga Baptist Church.

IMG_9831Some of these ladies had never had tea or coffee before…so they tried both in the same cup, at the same time.

IMG_9918We had a special Christmas dinner ready, and then the ladies got called out on a medical emergency. At least the table looked nice with special local and flown-in foods!

IMG_9916Emergency taken care of! Lena, Sarah, Hannah, and Tiffany return to the Christmas table for a wonderful evening together.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Kotidanga 2015

  1. I am so gladdened, deep within the Spirit indwelling, with full knowledge that God’s grace is working through all of you and into the village and beyond! I am amazed beyond words at the sacrifice that is being made that, on the surface at least, would appear like what UNICEF does or some other outreach program would. What happens in Kotidanga is so far beyond Peace Corp or anything like that! I can see, read and feel within the heart, mind and soul what it matters to all of these loving people of the village and surroundings to know that their fellow Christians are there to help, as best they can, 24/7/365. Indeed, God’s grace is exactly like that! And yet, your impact is felt beyond pictures and Ladies Teas and videos of the Lord….its felt in the homes of those like ourselves, as we perfectly well SEE the impact of what God’s Love does for those who need it most! What an amazing group of BELIEVERS!! John, Lena, Sarah, Hannah & Tiffany, I am praying for you each night, keeping in my mind the very fact that what you do has untold dangers all around, and that by praying I always ask the Lord to appoint angels to each compass point surround the village and the people – of Kotidanga. Do know when that great and glorious day arrives, you will be crowned with “joy unspeakable” as St Paul describes it. Heaven shall be yours, and along with you shall be the followers who so believe in Christ Jesus and Him Curcified. Do know that all of your efforts, whether successful or not, all point to not just running but WINNING that race. Indeed, job superbly done! God bless you always, Dr. James Murphy

  2. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Allen,
    I heard about your ministry in PNG through Becky Pope, and have been following your blog for the past 6 months or so! It has been so encouraging to see what the Lord is doing through you all. Thank you for sharing.
    I am also a nursing student in my junior year, and was told you have a clinic with possible internships for nurses. If you have any more information, I would love to learn more. Thank you again.

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