May 2013

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Just in Time for Koneo

In our last letter we mentioned our elder friend Koneo getting saved. Just a few weeks later, he went to be with Jesus! In those short days, many heard of his conversion. Pastor James and I were able to share his testimony and the Gospel clearly as we joined the mourners, knowing in Whom Koneo had believed!

First baptism service at Ipaiyu

First baptism service at Ipaiyu

Next Step at Ipaiyu

March 2013 was a big month in our ministries here. Kotidanga Baptist Church held a baptism, with 28 following the Lord. Two weeks later, we held our first baptism at Ipaiyu, with 17 new believers being baptized. In both places it was a very public event. At Ipaiyu, it was held at the community washing place. No running water in the houses here, so everyone goes to the creek. Almost everyone, lost and saved, came out to the baptism at Ipaiyu.

Ipaiyu Baptist Church is having its growing pains, but happily we can see some growing gains!

Kamea Literacy

Nathaniel Moses reading with his wife Snowi

Nathaniel Moses reading with his wife Snowi

One of our classes in Bible school this year is Kamea Literacy. Sarah Glover worked with Cherith Ottosen preparing the course. I’m presenting it to our students and their wives, all of whom are already literate. They are catching on well—they even wrote their first short stories in Kamea. We printed them and made little reading books for them. Ha, they are published authors already!

Medical Ministry Expands

Our Kunai Health Centre has expanded into a new area—dentistry. Dr. Jon Spenn, a US Army dentist, came to teach our national people how to extract teeth. Jon serves on mission trips with mPower, doing this same thing around the world. Through his expertise, two students were trained as dental workers and two others as dental assistants. The nearest place that sometimes has a dentist is a three-day hike away; and last week, they referred a patient back to us!

Dental students learn to extract teeth under the watchful eye of Dr. Jon Spenn

Dental students learn to extract teeth under the watchful eye of Dr. Jon Spenn

As with all of our work here (especially the clinic), our goal is to open up doors for the Gospel. It was great to watch the dental students share the Gospel with their patients as they waited for the lidocaine to take effect. Imagine your dentist witnessing to you!

Pastor’s Leadership Conference

Pastor's Conference Attendees, April 2013

Pastor’s Conference Attendees, April 2013

Our son Matt directed our second Pastor’s Leadership Conference at the end of April.
28 national men attended, most of them being flown in by Matt. There were 12 speakers, 7 languages represented, and one big heart to reach PNG. It was a good time of mentoring, both in and out of the classroom.

Thank you for your part in keeping us on the field. The sacrifice of so many enables us to continue to serve the Lord here.

Serving Him in the Field,

Bro. John & Selina
Romans 12:1-2

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  1. Enjoy the updates! So exciting to see what The Lord is accomplishing through willing vessels!!
    In our prayers,
    Brad and Lee Ann

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