Second Chances

One of the local teenagers made her own way and did her own thing.  We helped her in labor and during the delivery of her first child, a little girl.  Though this young mom has had plenty of opportunities to follow the Lord, she continually made bad decisions.  Many girls here leave their unwanted babies to die in the bush.  Thankfully, this teen girl’s sister from a distant village was visiting when she delivered.  The sister already has an adopted teenage daughter of her own, but has never had any natural born children.  She fell in love with this little one, and has since taken her back to her own village a couple of days hike away.  She will continue on baby milk for another 8-9 months.

Two lives rescued

Follow up story (January 2013): This young teen, through the witness and faithful love of the believers here, has become a believer and is growing strong in the Lord. Pray for her as she learns to walk in her new life in Jesus Christ.

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