September 2014

Recording Videos

Kamea videos produced on installed on smart phones!

Kamea videos produced on installed on smart phones!

Since our last update, Ben Samauyo and I finished recording the last of the Kamea videos. We have them formatted for smart phones, which many of our people in the jungle have—imagine that! Last week we were talking with a group, and when talking about Luke 2, they quoted a scene from the life of Christ from the videos. Wow! Our hope is that the Lord will continue to use this to create a great thirst for His Word.

In our translation of Luke, we plan to have our first consultant review by the end of the year. Right now, Ben has done a first draft through Luke chapter 10. Keep praying with us and for us in this important ministry endeavor!

Resident Visa

After less than seven years in PNG, Lena and I obtained our Permanent Residence visas. Amen! Shorter lines in transit and no renewals are necessary—at least that’s what we’ve heard. Praise the Lord for this blessing!

Reaching All Ages

Starting the new church building

Starting the new church building

Since Kotidanga Baptist built its church building in late 2008, it has been full most Sundays. So full, in fact, that they had to begin a break-out Children’s Church ministry to fit everyone in. At the end of July, Kotidanga Baptist began construction of their fourth church building—paid for with indigenous funds, built by indigenous men.

Resounding Miracle

In one of our greatest trials here to date, national pastor James Naudi’s daughter became ill with meningitis. For many days our nursing staff and Sarah Glover (our literacy teacher) took turns doing “life breaths” for 16 year old Jemila. She would seize, stop breathing, and convulse; and some of these were lengthy seizures—one lasted over two hours.

Sarah was reading the word to Jemila one evening, and suddenly, Jemila was healed! It was amazing in how it came in response to Jemila’s hearing God’s Word spoken to her. God has used this resounding miracle to speak to many people here. There was a huge struggle among our people to take Jemila to the witch doctor, but Pastor James stood firm. In the midst of a fiery trial and great affliction, God got great glory. (Read the full story.)

Kunai shadow

View from the clinic porch

At present, our clinic is dealing with our portion of the nation-wide measles outbreak here in PNG. Children have died because of this, and it has been an acute caseload for Lena and the staff here at Kunai Health Centre. We covet your prayers for this ministry! And praise the Lord, in the midst of all the recent trials, just two weeks ago a woman trusted Christ in the clinic. To God be the glory!

Thanks for holding the rope with us. Jesus is coming soon—may we be found faithful telling others about Him when He comes!

Serving Him in the Field,
Bro. John & Lena Allen
Galatians 6:9

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