The Influence of the Word of God

October 2019


The last three months, Lena and I have been visiting the established Baptist churches in Port Moresby, meeting with the pastors and getting to know their people. We appreciate the open door we’ve had in several of those churches to preach the Word.

We just finished an awesome week at youth camp in Australia at Grace Baptist Church in Malanda, Queensland. There was such a spirit of service among the workers and a great spirit among the youth. Many decisions were made, including some for salvation. Lena and I got our cups full as we spent time with some of God’s choicest servants.

The staff and campers at Grace Baptist Church’s youth camp.


Pastor Ben Samauyo and Bro. Yali Tapaqueo flew from Kotidanga to Port Moresby to stay with us for a couple of weeks while we worked on a full translation check on the Gospel of Luke. It was very profitable for us all, and the three of us being back together to work and fellowship was refreshing. Pastor Ben was able to speak at Shalom Baptist in Port Moresby, and that evening was a help and delight to everyone involved.

Pastor Ben preaching at Shalom Baptist Church in Port Moresby.
We just uploaded new audio recording software into Pastor Ben’s computer, and praise the Lord for how easy it is to use. Soon we hope to have some of our newly translated Kamea New Testament ready for our audio bibles!


We are so grateful for those who come to serve with us in the ministries at Kotidanga. Laura Lee Alford recently returned home after serving with us for nearly a year.

Laura Lee did many things while she was at Kunai. One of them was to help the checking of the Kamea New Testament with Pastor Ben and Bro. Yali.

Jennifer Thompson arrived in July, but due to an unknown allergic reaction she had to return to the States in September. Pray for Jenn as the doctors seek the cause of her illness.

It took several days to get Jenn out of the village due to bad weather. Note the muddy airplane–the airstrip has really been wet and muddy lately (see pictures below).


Since arriving in Port Moresby, we have heard and seen the need to conduct a Bible Institute for the training of new ministry leaders. The city pastors and churches are doing a great work, and we want to come along beside them to partner in training future leaders for both our city and for the nation.

There are some Baptist Bible schools around the country, and one Baptist Bible college in the Highlands. The other option is to send students overseas to the Philippines, Australia, or the USA for training. We want to offer the option of these leaders being trained here in the city while being mentored by their own pastors in their home churches.

Thank the Lord for the opportunity to sit down with several of the Baptist pastors in Port Moresby as we discussed the concept of the Baptist Bible Institute.

Pray with us as we prepare to begin the Baptist Bible Institute of Port Moresby in February 2020.

As I write this, we are getting ready to board a flight back to the USA for several weeks’ worth of meetings. Pray we can minister well as we report and recruit! Thank you for all you do to help us in the work.

Because He Is,

John & Lena Allen

2 Thessalonians 3:1


Enjoy some photos from the last couple of months…

The weather has been unusually wet–even for us. Kanabea airstrip was covered with water and mud. This was during the time we were trying to get Jennifer Thompson out.
The Lord dried out the airstrip enough to get Sarah and Danya out, too.
Eventually they all made it to Port Moresby!
Our Kotidanga youth ladies hiked three days to get to Kerema, then rode a truck for another 8 hours just to get to youth camp in Port Moresby.
I met Anderson in one of the nice grocery stores in Port Moresby and got to share the Gospel with him.
No, that’s not how he normally dresses. He was involved in a traditional ceremony for his tribe, and just happened to be in the grocery. (Note the photo bomb, too…)
We still do supply buying for the Kunai team. Yes, that’s a lot of toilet tissue.
Lena has become involved with the hospital chaplains at Port Moresby General Hospital. Here she was teaching on the proper masking procedures for visiting the tuberculosis ward.
Lena, all dressed up for Papua New Guinea Independence Day, September 16th!

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  1. Hello brother John Alan great to hear from you my brother and to get an update on the ministry there question for you where are you going to be and when are you going to be there during your time in the states Joyce and I will be coming to the states the third week of November and we will be staying until the first week of January and we will be based out of Spartanburg South Carolina did not know if there’s a possibility of us getting together and having a meal together in fellowship a while or not but I know your schedule is tight but if you would let me know where are you going to be when you’re going to be there Maybe the Lord will let it happen

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